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Manipulate Pointers in Functions, Part I
January 14, 2017 Pointers passed to functions transform into local variables, which can frustrate your otherwise well-laid plans.
Comparing Three Items
January 7, 2017 A direct comparison of three items seems logical, but logic isn't in the business of making sense to humans.
From Text to Hex
December 31, 2016 Translate a string of text into a series of hexadecimal ASCII values.
From Hex to Text
December 24, 2016 Translate a series of hexadecimal ASCII values into a string of text.
Behold the Stack, Part V
December 17, 2016 Here is an actual C program that emulates stack storage.

This Month's Exercise

Find the Error: Pointers, Structures, and Files
January 1, 2017 Sometimes the programming challenge isn't to write the code, it's to figure out what someone else has written and why it doesn't work.

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